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Easy Mountainbike Tours

Langental - easy

The Langental, to the north-east of Selva, is part of the Puez-Geisler nature park and impresses with its steeply towering rock faces on both sides and the beautiful head of the valley with the Pra da Ri mountain pasture. The toned-down version of the tour into the Langental is the ideal introductory tour for first-time mountain bikers or for families. It is toned-down because the tour does not go into the upper Langental, but only just as far as the mouth of the valley. The route follows side roads with little traffic and easy gravel and woodland trails.

From the start at the tourism association in Selva you go first of all to the valley station of Dantercepies. The route leads from there in a northerly direction, more downhill than uphill, until, at the mouth of the valley, you reach the car park with refreshment facilities.

The route suggested here only takes you about one kilometre and a good 50m in altitude difference into the Langental. Bikers, who find that this is not enough, can extend the tour as desired by following the cross-country ski route further uphill. It does not finish until the beginning of Pra da Ri mountain pasture. You cannot go further by bike (s. Variations). The way back takes you first of all to the car park again and then on the narrow access road down to the Langental and the cycle path west of Selva Gardena.

On this cycle path, once the railway line into the Gardena valley, you cycle gently uphill back to the starting point of the tour at the tourism association.

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Gardena Valley Tour

The tour of the Gardena valley features the three main towns of the valley in a diversified tour that is ideal for those starting mountain biking. Its course runs almost completely away from the more busy main road. The ascent on sections of the former railway line in the second part of the tour on the way back to Selva is especially pleasant. The gentle, steady incline that was necessary then for trains is very relaxing for bikers.

The tour begins at the tourism association in Selva. The route out of the valley mainly follows the left bank of rio (brook) Gardena. It begins on beautiful woodland and meadow paths directly along the brook and later between S. Cristina and Ortisei on tarmac secondary roads with hardly any traffic. In this way you arrive at the promenade in Ortisei with almost no increase in altitude difference.

At the valley station of the Alpi di Siusi cable car you turn right, cross the main road via the pedestrian bridge and reach the centre of the village. From now on it is only uphill. Altogether, it is a good 450 metres difference in altitude to Selva, but the incline is very moderate and makes for a fantastic ride. Shortly before S. Cristina you come across La Pozza, a small village behind S. Cristina, on the section you already know from the way there and that you now take in the opposite direction. The route changes there again to the other side of the valley and follows the old, abandoned railway line, that has been converted to a cycle path, back to Hotel Savoy in Selva.

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Intermediate Mountainbike Tours

Panoramic Tour on Alpe di Siusi

This panoramic tour of the Alpe di Siusi promises stunning mountain views without any great effort. The Alpe di Siusi cable car that takes bikers from Ortisei to an altitude of almost 800 m. The route on either well-built secondary roads or on gravel paths also contributes to making this trouble-free for first-timers to mountain biking and for those less well trained. A few short sections of trail and cosy refreshment facilities, for example at the Rauchhütte (mountain cabin), complete this easy tour.

From the starting point in S. Cristina you roll alongside rio Gardena at first nearly always only downhill as far as Ortisei. Here the Alpe di Siusi cable car with its round cabins that take two bikes and two bikers without any difficulty is already waiting for you. Just a few minutes later you reach the highest point of the tour at almost 2,000m above sea level. Already here at the mountain station you are in the midst of the most beautiful panorama of the Dolomite Mountains. The view of the Schlern, Rosszähne, Plattkofel and Langkofel mountains cast no doubts on the name given to this tour.

An easy descent on gravel with a subsequent ride on tarmac ends at Gasthaus Icaro, the first stop for refreshments. Only a few kilometres further, now downhill again, the traditional and quaint Rauchhütte with its excellent cuisine is located on the left of the road to Saltria. You can enjoy the scenery to the full on its beautiful terrace or spacious sunbathing lawn.

Fully refreshed, you reach Saltria a few minutes later. There then comes the only climb of the tour worthy of mention on the gravel road leading to Monte Pana. With the Langkofel and Plattkofel mountains right under your nose these 170m of difference in altitude are also quickly completed. From now onwards the slope is almost only downhill.

From Monte Pana to Ciaslat a few very beautiful trails feature some changes in riding technique in this otherwise very easy tour. You roll along via Selva and the cycle path on the former railway line to La Pozza, change over to the other side of rio Gardena and in this way reach the starting point of the tour in S. Cristina.

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Sellajoch & “City of Rocks” Tour

The Sellajoch with its staggering panorama of the Dolomite Mountains and the rocky ruins of the stony town at the foot of the Langkofel are magical points of attraction for skiers, hikers and mountain bikers. Whoever has worked his way up with his own muscular strength from the Gardena valley, experiences this particularly intensively.

The ascent in the upper part shortly before the stony town is easy, even if momentarily steep. The way through the stony town as far as the Rifugio (mountain cabin) Comici offers a lot of fun on the trails directly below the mighty Langkofel. The Rifugio Comici is an appropriate place for refreshments where even gourmets will get their money's worth. The long and varied descent back to Selva is a short but very worthwhile end to this tour.

From the tourism association in Selva you can warm up perfectly on the gently rising former railway line. Then for just under 2.5km you follow the pass road that has more traffic in the season as far as Plan de Gralba. Here there is no realistic alternative for mountain bikers. But the less than 200m difference in altitude are soon completed and from Plan de Gralba it becomes noticeably steeper uphill still heading for Sellajoch. At first, the way leads over a gravel path, but changes in the upper part to a fantastic narrow trail with some narrow switchbacks. Here you can already see the outskirts of the City of Rocks. Fit bikers with a good technique will be able to do everything. Those who want to or have to dismount can enjoy here already the impressive view of the steeply towering Langkofel.

The path still gently rising through the midst of the City of Rocks begins from the car park of the cable car to the Langkofelscharte. In the season and on fine weekends, you are bound to share this section with many other hikers and bikers. That does not matter. You should go slowly here anyway and marvel at the stony witnesses of several centuries of rock-slides of the Langkofel in its various forms.

The following descent begins with a supertrail in the shade of the Langkofel. You could continue on this, but the Rifugio Comici is located one and a half kilometres further on on the edge of the trail, a refreshment stop that bikers find difficult to ride past. You may find it difficult to believe, but you can eat excellently in this stunningly located mountain cabin. It remains a secret from where the innkeeper gets the fresh fish for which he is, among other things, highly renowned. In any case, in accordance with all the rules of the culinary art, gourmets can let themselves be pampered here.

It is good that the rest of the way to Selva is now almost only downhill because a full stomach adds speed to the journey down to the valley. But take care! This varied descent branches off into a hardly-noticeable track that you are guaranteed to rush past if you do not look closely at the road book or GPS equipment (waymarker 36).

Somewhat surprisingly you climb yet again uphill 50m in altitude before La Selva, then however you roll along relaxed and happy back to the starting point of the tour in Selva Gardena.

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Other tours

The Sassolungo and Sciliar round
Start and end: Selva Gardena
Itinerary: Selva Gardena, Passo Sella, Rifugio Friedrich August, Rifugio Sassopiatto, Sella della Cresta, Rifugio Tierser Alpl, Rifugio Bolzano, Malga Tuffalm, Laghetto di Fiè, Siusi, Castelrotto, Sella di Pinedo, Ortisei, Santa Cristina fino a Selva Gardena.
Duration: ca. 6 hours and a half
Altitude difference: 2.820 m
Length: 61 km

Sellaronda MTB Tour
Start and end: Selva Val Gardena
Itinerary: Selva Gardena, then with the cablecar to the mountain station Dantercepies, Passo Gardena, Colfosco, Corvara, then with the cablecar to Col Alto, downhill and then with the chairlift tot he Bioch hut, Pralongia, Passo Campo Longo, Arabba, then with the cablecar to Porta Vescovo, Passo Pordoi, Canazei, Campitello, then with the cablecar to Col Rodella above the Passo Sella and finally back to Selva Gardena.
Duration: ca. 6 hours
Altitude difference: 780 m
Length: 57 km

Sella Pass and the city of stone
Start and end: Selva Gardena
Itinerary: Selva Gardena, Plan de Gralba, Passo Sella, city of stones, Selva.
Duration: ca. 2 hours
Altitude difference: 760 m
Length: 17 km