Bike tips

Bike Tipps

Our bike tips for you so that your next bike tour in the Dolomites is an unforgettable experience!

What should you not forget?


  1. Bike jersey: preferably a manmade material
  2. Functional undershirt: wicks sweat quickly away from the body
  3. Padded bike shorts: guaranteed comfort and protection against sores
  4. Wind/Rain jacket
  5. Socks: preferably functional material
  6. Gloves: protect your hands if you fall
  7. Helmet: always on your head, falls can also happen going uphill
  8. Glasses: protection from UV Rays and dirt
  9. Shoes
  10. Long trousers: recommended for cold weather

It is particularly important that at contact points (saddle/trousers, pedal/shoe, handles/gloves) the clothing should not rub or press!

Even a day trip can lead to remote areas. To be prepared for all eventualities you should have a c. 20 litre rucksack with you.

What to pack in your rucksack:

  1. Drinks: be sure to bring enough liquids with you (water mixed with apple juice or other juices are particularly suitable)
  2. Food: How much food you take obviously depends on the length of the tour. You should always take a snack of an energy bar or a banana with you in case you get hungry.
  3. Mobile phone
  4. First-aid kit
  5. Pump: the favourite tool of all cyclists
  6. Inner tube: if it is missing you are guaranteed to get a puncture
  7. Tyre lever
  8. Small universal tool
  9. Spare clothing
  10. Sun screen: indispensable in fine weather

What you should know:

In summer the chance of thunderstorms increases in the afternoon. Unlike car drivers, mountain bikers are not safe in storms and are at danger of being hit by lightning. Therefore, if a thunderstorm is close by, you should head directly downhill. If the thunder is already overhead and lightining is flashing across the sky, quickly get off your bike and get as far away from it as possible – especially in open country. When the storm has passed there is still danger for cyclists – slippery tracks.

The danger of lightning does not mean that you absolutely have to stay at home when there’s the chance of a storm though. In summer, thrunderstorms mostly happen in the afternoon, so set off early! But it’s worth it; the moment the sky tears open after a rainstorm is something beautiful.

Important: Please tell your host or friends which route you intend to take.
Last but not least: Ride on and have fun on your next bike tour at the Hotel Savoy in Selva / Val Gardena!