Messner Mountain Museum

Messner Mountain Museum

Reinhold Messner‘s Mountain museums

Great things are done when men and mountains meet (William Blake)

What do mountains mean to us? This is the question that Reinhold Messner, one of the world’s most successful mountaineers, tries to answer in his MMM museums.

As the centrepiece of the Messner Mountain Museum, MMM Firmian in Sigmundskron Castle near Bozen addresses the subject of man’s encounter with the mountains.

The museum chain includes 5 museums:

  • MMM Firmian in Sigmundskron Castle near Bolzano is the centre of the Mountain Museum.
    (reached in about 1 hour)
  • The MMM Ripa in Bruneck Castle deals with the subject of mountain peoples.
    (reached in about 1 hour)
  • MMM Juval in Juval Castle in the Vinschgau, is dedicated to the myths of the mountains (reached in about 1,5 hours)
  • MMM Dolomites, on the Monte Rite south of Cortina, deals with the themes of rock and climbing in the Dolomites.
    (reached in about 1,5 hours)
  • MMM Ortles in Sulden is dedicated to Glaciers and the eternal ice.
    (reached in about 2 hours)

For more information:

Reinhold Messner, born 17th September 1944 in South Tyrol, climbed his first 3000m peak as a five year old with his father. His later life was dominated by travel in the mountains and deserts of the world.  He has accomplished numerous first ascents, climbed all 14 8000m peaks, been to the foot of the Antarctic, gone the length of Greenland, and crossed Tibet, the Gobi Desert and the Taklamakan Desert.  For him it is all about being exposed to untouched nature and travelling with a minimum of equipment.

Today Messner lives with his family in South Tyrol and dedicates his time to his MMM museum project.