A journey into the past

There are around 800 castles in South Tyrol. Whether nestled in vineyards or perched on a rocky ledge, they all pull us under their spell with their beauty. The mighty towers, the historic walls and even the chapels invite you on a very special trip back into the past.

Wolkenstein castle ruins

The ruins of Wolkenstein castle hang like an eagle’s nest at 1600m on the Stevia wall at the entrance to the Vallunga. The castle was built early in the 13th century, collapsed in 1525 and was never rebuilt.  Since the 14th century it has belonged to the Counts of Wolkenstein, who took their name from the castle.  The family were some of the most important minstrals, lyricists and composers of the Middle Ages.

Stetteneck castle ruins, Ortisei

Stetteneck castle was build on the Col da Pincan above Ortisei in the 13th century. This legendary castle of robber barons was considered lost since the Middle Ages. In summer 2000 the remains of the castle were discovered during test digs and since then the Stetteneck castle ruins are being excavated.  The excavations can be visited in the summer.

Prösels Castle, Völs am Schlern

The castle was build by the Lords of Fiè in 1279. Today as well as castle tours there are concerts, exhibitions and theatre performances.  The famous collection of weapons is especially worth a visit.

Trostburg near Ponte Gardena in the Val d’Isarco

Trostburg is one of the most beautiful castles in the country. The history of Trostburg goes back to the 12th century.  The castle is still in very good condition today and the South Tyrol Castle Museum is located inside.

Runkelstein Castle near Bolzano

Runkelstein Castle, also known as the story-book castle, sits high above the roofs of the city of Bolzano.  The frescos are particularly interesting to history and art lovers, who come from far and wide to visit the castle.

Tirol Castle high above Merano

The family seat of the Earls of Tyrol now houses the South Tyrol Museum of Culture and History.

Trauttmansdorff Castle in the midst of Botanic Gardens, high above the roofs of Merano

A stately residence near Merano, where Empress Sissi of Austria spent her holidays.