Traditions & Customs

Val Gardena – Melting pot of culture in the heart of Europe

Val Gardena is a true meeting point for culture and tradition - its two thousand year history is still palpable. Val Gardena is one of five Ladin valleys where the rhaetoromanish language “Ladin” is spoken and taught. The language originated as a mixture of Latin and the celtish language – therefore the Val Gardena is still regarded as a symbol of the meeting of different European cultures.

Maintaining the old ways, traditions, customs and the entire heritage of the Ladin language is an important matter. The significance of these past treasures is reflected in the variety of different festivals and events that are offered.

The people of Val Gardena wear their traditional costumes with pride, and you can immerse yourself in the glory of days gone by. Numerous churches and chapels bear witness to the religious life of the valley. The life of the farmers, their customs and traditions can be seen in the Museum Gherdeina.