Hotel with swimming pool

Refreshing and beneficial

The original power of the Dolomites – pure spring water

At Small Luxury & Spa Hotel Savoy, our swimming pool area is one of the focal points of our vast and luxurious wellness facilities. We put at the disposal of our guests two large pools where you can simply dive into a world of relaxation and well-being. Our indoor pool is set in a beautifully decorated rest area fitted with natural stone floors and other select raw materials that add a classy and elegant touch to this space. Subtle lighting arrangements induce relaxation and floor-to-ceiling windows afford lovely views into the nearby mountains.

Our outdoor swimming pool is surrounded by carefully landscaped gardens and by a peaceful atmosphere. This top-notch facility is open year round so that you can experience the unique feeling of plunging into its heated waters even in the height of the winter. There's nothing quite like the contrast of seeing snow flakes fall around you while you relax in our open-air pool.

But at Hotel Savoy in Selva we are more than just a hotel with swimming pool. Our mission is to provide distinctive comfort and the ultimate relaxation experience, so our pools are well beyond the ordinary. At Hotel Savoy we use pure mountain spring water in both our pools, which flows straight from the unpolluted streams that are born high up in the Dolomite mountains. The local spring water is internationally renowned for its high concentration of minerals, which have a beneficial effect on tired muscles and on the skin. Visit our swimming pool area to reap these healing benefits and more.