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Alpine tradition and innovation

Piroche Cosmétiques

The name Piroche Cosmétiques represents both an exclusive line of cosmetics made with precious natural ingredients and a unique treatment method based on traditional Chinese medicine. The holistic Piroche Cosmétiques Method gently releases energy blocks, opens and stimulates energy flow and brings the body, mind and soul back into their natural balance. This internal balance means more energy, a feeling of wellbeing and a fresh, radiant appearance.

For all Piroche Cosmétiques Applications* a bioenergetic vacuum drainage in combination with active ingredients in the products work together to purify the tissue and give invigorated and relaxed facial features, as well as firming and revitalising the skin of the whole body.

All Piroche Cosmétiques treatments are specifically tailored to your individual problems and wishes (wrinkles, couperose, cellulite, etc.).

*except seaweed packs and body peeling

Alpine Healthcare©

The quintessence of the alps

alpine_healthcare© is a quality brand aiming at merging centuries of alpine tradition and ancient knowledge of regional plants, natural products and methods into a personalised wellness package.


  • Pure beauty:
    The products and methods of the alpine_healthcare line use only natural and genuine substances originating from the Alpine environment. These precious ingredients enhance your skin and your body with pure and natural beauty.
  • Health:
    Our products are not conceived as mere cosmetics. The products and methods of the alpine_healthcare line contain the quintessence of the Alps. The alpine_healthcare line is completed by a combination of active ingredients such as chestnut&mint, apple&dog-rose, hay&juniper.
  • The success of tradition:
    The alpine_healthcare line blends the past with the present: centuries of alpine tradition and ancient knowledge matched with innovative production methods. In order to successfully apply tradition, we need to reinterpret our cultural heritage as reproducing the past without adapting it would only result in stasis. Our present times require innovative projects, and the alpine_healthcare has knowledgeably collected into a single holistic approach package the genuine substances, sensitivity and the medicine of popular tradition (Ragginer).