Body treatments

Piroche Cosmétiques

Body treatments

Bioenergetic body treatment (approx. 55 min.)

Bring your body back into balance. After an intensive purification of the tissue, your skin is strengthened and revitalised. Energy blocks are flushed. You will love your new vitality and energy.

Bioenergetic back treatment (approx. 55 min.)

Relaxation for muscles and tissue. Essential oils support the easing of tense muscles. A warming seaweed pack ensures a lasting sense of well-being.

Body peeling (approx. 20 min.)

A gentle full-body massage with energy-giving cream and fine micro-particles that pamper your skin. Dead skin cells are gently sloughed away, leaving your skin feeling like velvet and silk.

Bioenergetic anti-cellulite treatment (approx. 55 min.)

Following the principle of warm and cold, water and fat are reduced. Tissue is intensively detoxified, strengthened and firmed.

Bioenergetic leg treatment (approx. 55 min.)

For visibly thinner and lighter legs. A cooling seaweed pack provides the body with important minerals and nutrients and firms the skin. Enjoy the feeling of weightlessness.