Body Packs

Piroche Cosmétiques

Body Packs

Piroche Cosmétiques Seaweed pack (approx. 25 min.)

We wrap you in a comfortable warm mixture of seaweed, white clay and essential oils. A cocktail of minerals and nutrients for the skin and completely relaxing for the body. Relaxing seaweed pack for the deep relaxation of body and mind. Yin and Yang seaweed pack for intensively revitalised and firmed skin.

Body Wrap by Piroche

An excellent treatment for cellulite or heavy legs.
Through a combination of essential oils and active plant extracts, the draining and firming effects of this partial body wrap is especially good for the treatment of cellulite. For heavy and tired legs we offer a specially selected mixture of essential oils, which, in combination with a special wrap method, have a draining effect on the tissue. The legs have a wonderful feeling of lightness.